Models and home site demonstration 

New Home Builders in DFW, Tip #6
Do you trust what you see or do you see what you want.  Look at the details when looking at new homes do not skim over it because you think it looks pretty.  Most new home builders in DFW build good homes, but you need to look closely at the details before you buy.

Picking a home in 15 minutes or less

When I worked for new home builders in DFW I was amazed that some people would come in breeze through a model in 15 minutes and say yep, this is where I want to live and this is what I want.  I was always a little shocked.  Buying a home for most people is the largest single financial investment they will ever make.  I am analytical, sometimes overly so, and buying a home without studying the details seems like a recipe for disaster.  This is where new home builders in DFW will help you out.  Every builder wants their on-site staff to demonstrate the model or inventory home and this gives you a great chance to study the home and ask questions.  I am specifically talking about what comes standard in this home.  A model or inventory home may include $1,000’s of upgrades that you may not be planning on paying for above the sales price. Asking the sales person to walk you through and explain what comes standard can save you a lot of frustration.  If you find yourself to be less trusting of sales people, ask the sales person to give you a standard features sheet, then to show you what comes standard, you won’t offend them.  The point in this is you need to take the time to see what you get when you buy.


Looking for what’s wrong with this picture…

When you are walking the model or inventory home and you see something that does not look right point it out!  Every new home builder in DFW should have a very specific and easy to understand process for addressing any concerns that you might have during construction or after closing. Importantly every person who interacts with a customer should know the process forwards and backwards.  If they don’t know the process or can’t explain it simply, beware! 


There is a lot to a lot

New Home Builders in DFW have a lot of lots to choose from and you need to make time to look at where your home will be built and how it will sit before you buy.  Spend time walking the land have the sales person explain how the home will be placed, where the fence will go, how big the back yard will be, look at the driveway and particularly the slope.  Come out to the land at different times of day and see where the sun rises and sets, what you can hear when you stand there.  Also, be aware of how water drains around the home, this makes a huge difference in how usable yard space may be.  Importantly find out what will be built around your home.  A shopping center right behind your new home may hurt resale so you need to know and ask an expert like a REALTOR if you think you may sell the home some day!


I hope you have enjoyed new home builders in DFW and found the information informative. In the next post I will be talking more about the process of negotiating. If you have any comments on the material or questions please do not hesitate to contact me directly 817-729-4281 or