New Home Builders in DFW, Tip #4
Do your research! Knock on a few doors and drive around the neighborhood at different times of day. Look up the new home builders in DFW on the internet to find out what people are saying about them. Make a list of questions or concerns you might find in doing your research and talk with the new home builder or your real estate agent about these concerns.

Until recently JD Powers ranked large new home builders in DFW so that you could get an idea of how the builders preformed. JD Powers announced the end of the Homebuilder syndicated report in 2010. This program and the rankings made it easy to evaluate a builder on a national, state or even major city level, still this did not always give you a reliable predictor of how the builder you were considering would be in your community.  Since the rankings only followed larger new home builders in DFW you had no idea what your experience would be like with a smaller builder that did not close enough home to meet JD Power’s threshold. 

New Home Builders in DFW use one or two building superintendents to oversee construction in a community. The superintendents supervise all the work that is done by sub-contractors such as framers, electricians, and plumbers.  These superintendents ensure that the work is done correctly and on time so that the home stays on track. Importantly, that building superintendent and his oversight of the home can be the difference between a great building experience where the home is built on time with minimum delays and a long process filled with delays. For this reason, split your search into two separate parts.  First research the builder on a broad scale, there is still a tremendous amount of information about builders available on the internet you just have to search. 

Try Googling, New home builders in DFW as a start, this will show you the larger builders in DFW.  When looking on the internet I urge you to filter what you read carefully, one complaint does not mean you are looking at a bad builder, but if you see a similar complaint over and over by different people take heed!  At this point if the builder is not checking out to your satisfaction stop and move on, but if you are still feeling that this builder is offering you a home or plan you are interested in it is time to move on to part two.  Some research just needs to be done the old fashioned way by driving through the neighborhood and talking with people who already live there. Ask the owners the name of the superintendent who built their home.  Ask about the experience they had during construction with the superintendent.  Ask them if everything was done when they moved into their home.  Ask about warranty service from the home builder builder, have they needed it and has it been promptly addressed when they have.  Lastly, ask the people if they liked their experience and would recommend the builder   Along this same line if you can find a community built 2 or 3 years ago by the same builder you can get even more information and you can see how the homes and neighborhood this builder has built hold up over time. Research is paramount with any home purchase whether it is with a new homebuilder or you are buying a resale. Doing a little research before you visit a new home builder can save you from doing a lot of research trying to justify the purchase of a home you love.

I hope you have enjoyed new home builders in DFW and found the information informative. In the next post I will be talking specifically about the process when you enter the sales office. If you have any comments on the material or questions please do not hesitate to contact me directly 817-729-4281 or